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Professional digital system for health recovery. The only technology that evaluates and restores the body's control program.

The control program is implemented by brain neurons, provides a state of physical and mental health. Its failures are the causes of the development of diseases and uncomfortable conditions.


Based on the functions of the brain, "Strannik" has the most perfect source of information about a person, turning this knowledge to the benefit of life, in the form of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

LATEST: A Clinical Study Report and Evaluation of the Ability of Strannik Virtual Scanning toScreen the Health of a Randomly Selected Cohort of 50 Patients

Virtual twin creation

Detector of disease sources

Virtual concilium

All about organs

13 pillars of health

Code of personality

Recovery center

Get detailed information about the state of the entire body from the point of view of the brain without analysis and unpleasant procedures for the patient?

This is possible with the help of "Virtual Scanning" technology, which allows you to build a personal biological model of a person, assessing the state of brain functions and determining its relationship with internal organs and systems. 

The entire process of assessing the patient's health is carried out on a "Virtual double" - a personal biological model recreated in a computer. At the same time, all levels of human organization are checked - from the molecular level to the organism as a whole.

Нужна более подробная информация?

Нажмите сюда  для получения детальной информации о технологии "виртуального сканирования", разработанной Академической организацией "Мимекс".

Each patient has a number of health areas that concern him. But what caused the development of diseases and uncomfortable conditions? Which organs and systems require the greatest attention at the moment, where should treatment begin?

The answers to these, without exaggeration, vital questions are given by the “Connections” section of the “Wanderer” Professional System.

How many specialists will you need to bring together all the processes taking place in the body and make a conclusion about the state of health in general?

The correct answer is not at all if you go to the "Organism" section and get all the necessary information in literally 2 screens.

Brain functions, Correlation of biological and calendar age, Pathological functional system, Psycho-oncological risks, General morphological situation, as well as Processes in organs, sorted by importance (in terms of negative impact on health). All this information is already waiting for you, as if prepared by a council of experts of the highest class!

The work of each organ and physiological system can be evaluated from the point of view of the situation at the level of cells and processes.

Based on information about the connection of the brain with each organ and physiological system, "Strannik" forms a visual report on how all the "components" of the patient's body work.

13 functional systems are responsible for all spheres of life. "Strannik" Professional system "allows you to clearly see and evaluate the quality of work as each of them individually, and understand their condition.

This is one of the key stages of work for quality health recovery.

Mental health is an integral part of the full functioning of the body as a whole. Physical disorders are always reflected in the personality of the patient. And vice versa - in some cases, the source of the ailments must be sought in the psycho-emotional sphere.

The “Personality” section will help in this, containing information on the most important aspects of the patient’s psyche functioning, starting with a predisposition to action / information and ending with the type of influence of each personality quality on the perception of the world and oneself.

"Strannik" would not be a "Strannik" if everything was limited only to information about the causes and consequences of health disorders, without the means to restore it.

The most powerful section of the system is the "virtual factory" for creating individual courses of digital color therapy (neuro-regulation). Not requiring any consumables to create a means of restoring health, "wanderer" allows you to carry out drug-free correction of the body in the required amount for recovery without additional costs.

Как работает цветотерапия "Странник"?

Нажмите сюда для получения подробной информации о лечении с помощью нейро-регуляции (цифровой хромотерапии) по технологии "Странник".


Full price: 30.000 euros.
Payment in installments is possible! Send a request below for options.



Send your request using the form below and we will contact you within a day for consultation and clarification of all necessary details.



Initially, the contract is signed in electronic form, together with the system you will receive a paper copy already signed by us.



Within 10 days from the date of receipt of payment, your "Strannik" system will be prepared and sent by the transport company. The training process takes 9-12 days and is conducted remotely.



After delivery and training, our work does not end - we are always in touch and provide consulting and technical support to our partners.

Stepan Grakov
(Director of Mimex)


Only a comprehensive approach to solving problems with physical and mental health can bring the desired result. "Strannik" is not engaged in "masking" symptoms, and works to neutralize the causes of diseases and uncomfortable conditions. It takes time, and some effort, but there is no other way to get rid of problems that have been ingrained in body for years (or decades).

Health problems


Excess weight





Addictions, phobias

Ability to "make" money

1. Will determine the state of all organs and systems of the body. 

2. It will identify the foci of development and consequences of diseases and uncomfortable conditions at all levels of the body: from General to cellular. Without unpleasant procedures and analyses.

3. It will show the risks of cancer occurrence and development.

4. Calculates the course of neuro-regulation (digital color therapy) to restore healthy functioning of all organs and systems. First of all, those whose violations are the causes of the most disturbing diseases and uncomfortable conditions..

Interrupting aging is a technology for transferring the body to a natural mode of negligible aging. A natural regulator is used as the active principle-light (color) supplied from the screen of a smartphone, tablet or computer in the form of an individual course of neuro-regulation.

1. Reducing body weight and volume by starting the natural process of reducing subcutaneous fat. Body mass index in the range of 19-24.

2. Positive attitude towards physical activity.

3. Normalization of attitudes to food.  

4. Increasing self-esteem.


1. Nose: swelling of the nasal mucosa (allergic rhinitis).
2. Eyes: redness and pain in the region of the conjunctiva (allergic conjunctivitis).
3. Upper respiratory tract: bronchospasm, wheezing, shortness of breath, sometimes there are true asthma attacks.
4. Ears: Feeling of fullness, possible pain, and hearing loss due to the decrease in drainage of the Eustachian tube.
5. Skin: various rashes: eczema, urticaria, contact dermatitis. Typical sites of localization in the food pathway of allergen penetration: elbow bends (symmetrically), stomach, groin.
6. Head: Sometimes a headache that occurs with certain types of allergies.
7. Mouth: aphthous stomatitis (damage to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity).
8. Cardiovascular system: allergic acute coronary syndrome (Caunis syndrome).


1. Determination of pathology that violates the processes of maintaining optimal blood pressure. At the same time, for the first time, not only the physiological component of hypertension will be determined, but also its emotional feature. This is often what determines the development of the process. 

2. After identifying problems, you will receive a personal course of "Strannik" digital color therapy, which normalizes the work of all body systems involved in maintaining optimal blood pressure. Go through it at least 2 times a day and forget about hypertension!


1. We will determine the individual characteristics of Your body to prepare a personal course to restore optimal sleep. 

2. We will prepare a personal course of "Strannik" digital color therapy to restore the functioning of the organs that make up the functional system for supporting optimal sleep mode. Go through it at least 2 times a day and forget about insomnia!


1. The psychological part:
+ Libido,
+ Emotional reactions,
+ Emotional reaction,
+ Psycho-physiological reaction

2. Biological part (functional system for ensuring optimal sexual functions):
+ brain,
+ Pituitary,
+ Thyroid,
+ Adrenals,
+ Blood and peripheral blood vessels,
+ Prostate,
+ Testicles,
+ Penis.

Freedom from nicotine, alcohol, medication, or gambling addiction:

A noticeable reduction in the negative impact of addiction factors up to the complete elimination of it.

Normalization of social and personal behavior.

Freedom from fears (phobias):

Freedom from fear.  
Healthy life activity. 
Psychological comfort in any situation.


1. You get ideas and schemes for a real increase in income. 

2. When you contact other people, you form connections that bring money.

3. Money begins to come from various sources, sometimes quite unexpectedly. 

4. Your income is growing. Your Outlook on life becomes pragmatic and positive.


We are glad to welcome you on the official website of the academic organization "Mimex"! Mimex company was founded in 1989, in the first years of the advent of computer technology in the USSR, in order to improve the quality of medical care through the introduction of the most modern technologies. The founder and head of the company, Igor G. Grakov (doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, PhD), from the first day to the present time, is sure that medical remedies and methods should at least keep up with the times, even ahead of it.

Our other goal of implementing modern technologies in medicine was to ensure the availability of services-what used to require dozens of doctors and at least 15 units of expensive equipment was possible to achieve with a single computer system. We have developed and patented methods of computer diagnostics and digital health restoration, which are constantly being improved and have become the basis of the professional system "wanderer".

The reliability and demand for the "Strannik" technology has been proven by time - try to remember Russian companies that have been working for more than 30 years without the participation of foreign investors and all this time are engaged in the implementation of their own high-tech developments.

We have passed through all the economic crises and political upheavals that have befallen our country.

We have experienced all this together with our clients and business partners who use the development of the company "Mimex" for their business. But time is moving forward and our methods of cooperation are developing in place with it. Today, we can offer mutually beneficial options for working together in almost any business area.

The 21st century is a century of collaborations, the time of doing business alone has passed. You can only respond to customer requests by implementing additional services or expanding the capabilities of existing ones.

Take your business to the next level with us!


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