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Your clinic's current profit

This is its real potential

Reach full potential with the "Strannik" system!

Increase the profit of the clinic (medical center) by €100.000 per month by including the "Strannik" system in the workflow!

* Indicated preliminary calculation for the average medical center

Meet the amazing possibilities of artificial intelligence for your health:

This is a business technique for increasing the profits of a clinic (medical center). At the heart - "Strannik the virtual scanner":

1. This is a unique software installed on a modern computer with an author's design. Its appearance alone causes a wow effect on the client and creates an interest in receiving services. It is used to determine the visual perception of the environment and, based on the information received, identifies the causes of this violation - errors in the work of organs and systems. The entire procedure takes, on average, 20-25 minutes. As a result, You get a wide list of problematic areas of health from the point of view of the brain that require attention at the present time or will appear in the near future. This data will increase the number of services provided to the client by 50-150%!

It is scientifically proven that health disorders change our perception. "Virtual scanning" allows you to determine the degree of distortion in the perception of the environment. This data is processed in the program and it shows the causes of changes - with which organs the connection is broken in the brain. This, in turn, is the cause of the development of diseases and uncomfortable conditions.

It is scientifically proven that health disorders change our perception. "Virtual scanning" allows you to determine the degree of distortion in the perception of the environment. This data is processed in the program and it shows the causes of changes - with which organs the connection is broken in the brain. This, in turn, is the cause of the development of diseases and uncomfortable conditions.

2. It also allows you to conduct a remote assessment of the health status of the client (can be done before a personal visit or as a support for later communications). The super-relevant option now and in the future will not lose its significance - people are used to the fact that you can get absolutely any services online.

3. Creates personal courses of neuro-regulation (through digital color therapy) to restore impaired inter-neural connections of the brain, which restores healthy control of the problem organ or organ system. This leads to the restoration of health in the desired area.

How will Strannik help to increase profit?

This is your income now (patients getting a routine consultation and treatment):

Profit generation "Option 1":

Diagnostic on a Virtual Scanner is free for client, and the cost of specialist consultation increases by 50%, since they now need to process additional information. For example, an allergist's consultation costs 100 euros, and an "extended" consultation using Virtual scan information about the quality of the Brain - immune system connections costs €150. If the average cost of a consultation is €100, the additional income is €50 per person (for one specialist). With an average load of 10-15 people per day, it gives €500-750. The salary of the Virtual scanning system operator is €1.000/month.

This is your income after implementing "Option 1":

+ INCOME from online diagnostics, Your clinic turns into a modern telemedicine center!

Additional €15.500/month, 186.000/year

Monthly results: €750 x 22 working days (with a 5-day working week) = €16.500 - €1.000 (operator’s salary) = €15.500.

Excluding the appointment of a larger number of medical procedures (drugs) in connection with obtaining additional information about the health status of the client.

Additional income generation options: 

1. Paid Virtual scanning procedure (recommended price = 90% of the average cost of consultation).

2. Implementation of neuro-regulation (digital color therapy) courses created by "Strannik" individually for every client. The recommended price is 200%-500% of the average cost of the consultation, depending on the duration of the course.

Profit generation "Option "PRO":

 Paid Virtual scan procedure + extended specialist consultation (excluding prescribed medical procedures) + course of neuro-regulation (digital color therapy). €90 + €50 + €300 = €440 x 10-15 people per day = €4.400-€6.600 a day. For a 6-day working week €4.400 x 26 days - €1.000 operator's salary = €113.400 a month. 

This is your income after implementing "Option PRO":

+ INCOME from online diagnostics, Your clinic turns into a modern telemedicine center!

Additional €113.400/month, 1.360.000/year

More options are possible, as well as their combinations - it all depends on the organization of your business and the desire to strengthen it!

If you think that it won't be easy to sell your clients additional services - no need to worry! Most people nowadays will agree that to cure any type of health problems you need to start with main organ which is Brain. Pricing policy is quite flexible as you could mention already, so it won't be a big decision for them. But perspectives for such approach will cover such costs for sure.

Special part of training you will go through is even called "Show your clients advantages of Brain-based approach"!

Meet one of our trainers first and discuss all things you want to be sure it will work in your business:

For how much do you want to increase income?

Up to €15.500/month, 186.000/year 

For small clinics. This is achieved with 20 clients per day (the maximum load of a single "Strannik" system). The estimated time to reach this income (if there is a well-established flow of customers) is 2-4 months.

Investment: €128.349.000 (1 "Strannik" system)

Up to €113.400/month, 1.360.000/year

For medium-sized-large clinics. Achieved with 60 clients per day, requires 3 "Strannik" systems. The estimated time to reach this income (if there is a well-established flow of customers) is 3-5 months.

Investment: €346.543 (3 "Strannik" systems, 10% discount)

Does your clinic exceed the specified limits in terms of the number of clients per day? 
Contact us and we will prepare an individual offer!

How the system is installed:

By investing in the wanderer Virtual scanner, You get a turnkey solution for Your clinic. After contacting us, the work starts in two directions - preparing a delivery agreement and an action plan for the organic introduction of new services into your existing workflow. This stage takes no more than a week, and the actual delivery time depends on your location. Usually, after Assembly and configuration, the system is sent by a transport company, but it is also possible to visit our specialists if you need to install several systems.

What you get:

1. The software complex "Strannik 2020". It includes software for Virtual scanning, calculation and display of results, creation and use of individual neuro-regulation courses. It is delivered installed on the computer and completely ready to work. Capacity - up to 20 people a day (8-hour working day).

2. Training. It is held online for 10 days. The course includes the theory of the system and practical information (working with software, interpretation of results). Special attention is paid to working with clients: pricing policy formation, presentation of this type of service, removal of objections, repeat sales.

3. Support. After completing the training, our work does not end. As a rule, during the next month, a very dense consultation is conducted on the results of diagnostics and other emerging issues. You get a turnkey system that is completely ready for work, but our technical experts are always ready to connect online in case of any difficulties.

For private specialists

Start or expand your business using the "Strannik Virtual scanner"!

Mimex has developed several development plans for cases when the system is purchased as a new business project (there is no flow of potential customers). The specific course of action will depend on a number of factors - the size of the city, the availability of organizations, and Your business opportunities. But everything in general is united by one idea - the Virtual scanner will become an effective development tool for profitable collaborations: 

1. With medical and Wellness centers. 

2. With child development centers (including preschool) 

3. With psychological centers, private psychologists4. with courses (schools) of additional education and self-development, trainings.

Collaboration - a process of joint activity in any field of two or more people or organizations to achieve common goals.

Additional advantages of the purchase

Actual regardless of the chosen option of cooperation!


The events of 2019-2020 have shown that it is vital to have technologies that will allow you to continue working with patients, regardless of the possibility of their personal presence. Covid-19 broke usual doctor-patient routine because of quarantine and self-isolations. But other illnesses remained and people still needed qualitied help with them! Special addition to Strannik (already included in package) allows to recieve patient's full health data over the internet!

This feature will be usefull at any time, cause there are always people who can't visit you in person for some reason. And, who knows, what virus or another reason for quarantine will we meet in future?


Many people suffering from complex health problems for years, spending a lot of money on treatment that either does not help at all or provides only temporary relief. Typically, this is because there is no understanding of the real causes of the disease and treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms. Strannik allows you to identify the true causes of diseases and help people who for many years can not be cured or do not know what they really need to be treated for.


Following current trends and using the latest technology in practice always attracts patients. Everything that makes their visit more comfortable, saves time, and most importantly, speeds up the recovery process, speaks of a high level of specialist. However, very often this is associated with significant costs or long training. Strannik is a great option for those who know how to count money and invest it in something that will bring tangible returns.


Imagine that you have a full staff of high-level professionals who process patient health information 24/7. All you need to do is read their reports and recommendations to make a decision on a treatment strategy. Strannik is more than just a computer program for collecting and storing medical history data. This is an artificial intelligence system, a "virtual concilium" that is always at your disposal.


What attracts people to a large clinic? The opinion that its capabilities will definitely be enough for the examination of the entire body (if needed) and a comprehensive approach to getting rid of the disease. Virtual Scanner will allow you to provide the same approach, but leave a pleasant personal contact. That will show real concern for the patient's health from first visit till full recovery and lead to high trust and loyalty of patients.


If you work with middle- or low-income people, Strannik allows you to maintain an affordable price while improving the quality of services. This is achieved by significantly saving the effort and time required to make a diagnosis and provide a treatment strategy.


A wide range of services involves a large number of equipment and specialists. This leads to an increase in the cost of rent, technical support, staff salary. Strannik allows you to work with people of different age and solve their health puzzles without all these undesirable factors! Get this "Virtual clinic" and everything you need will be on your computer!


Offer people with high demands a concentration of scientific and technological achievements to determine the causes of their diseases and restore their health. Not just good services, but a new and beautiful solution to problems that have recently arisen or that have been bothering them for years.


Purchasing a "Strannik Virtual scanner" you get not only business tools, but also a solid home clinic. Your entire family will have all the features of the system at their disposal, and our consultants will always help you use them as effectively as possible in any situation!


We are glad to welcome you on the official website of the academic organization "Mimex"! Mimex company was founded in 1989, in the first years of the advent of computer technology in the USSR, in order to improve the quality of medical care through the introduction of the most modern technologies. The founder and head of the company, Igor G. Grakov (doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, PhD), from the first day to the present time, is sure that medical remedies and methods should at least keep up with the times, even ahead of it.

Our other goal of implementing modern technologies in medicine was to ensure the availability of services-what used to require dozens of doctors and at least 15 units of expensive equipment was possible to achieve with a single computer system. We have developed and patented methods of computer diagnostics and digital health restoration, which are constantly being improved and have become the basis of the professional system "wanderer".

The reliability and demand for the "Strannik" technology has been proven by time - try to remember Russian companies that have been working for more than 30 years without the participation of foreign investors and all this time are engaged in the implementation of their own high-tech developments.

We have passed through all the economic crises and political upheavals that have befallen our country.

We have experienced all this together with our clients and business partners who use the development of the company "Mimex" for their business. But time is moving forward and our methods of cooperation are developing in place with it. Today, we can offer mutually beneficial options for working together in almost any business area.

The 21st century is a century of collaborations, the time of doing business alone has passed. You can only respond to customer requests by implementing additional services or expanding the capabilities of existing ones.

Take your business to the next level with us!

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"Strannik" is a psychological software. It allows us to get a complete psychomatic and psychoemotional profile of the user (client).This is not a medical device. Therefore, it does not in any way claim to make medical diagnoses or prescribe medical treatment.

By purchasing any services or software products on the site www.mimex.ru (at Mimex) you agree to follow the necessary recommendations for passing diagnostics, digital color therapy courses, or using the wanderer software of any version or modification. In case of non-compliance with the recommendations, the entire responsibility falls on the user (client).